American Football Billionaire Rules

Game Objectives

To be The Wealthiest, Most Successful American Football Club Owner Ever!
To own as many clubs/assets and To Make As Much Money As Possible!

As per the original game of American Football, a team has eleven players on the pitch, plus a General Manager on the sidelines. Each team, however, has 3 platoons:

DEFENCE – 2 safeties, 2 cornerbacks, 2 outside linebackers, 2 ends, 2 tackles and 1 middle linebacker.

OFFENCE – 2 wide receivers, 2 tackles, 2 guards, 2 running backs, 1 quarter back, 1 centre and 1 tight end.

Special Team – 1 place kicker, 1 holder, 1 snapper, 1 punter, 1 kick-off specialist, 1 kick returner, 1 punt returner, 1 upback, 1 gunner and 1 jammer.

For the purposes of this game, a DEFENCE or OFFENCE consisting of 11 players is required to complete a team. The SPECIAL TEAM together with the club emblem, Stadium and Sponsors are optional and are not essential to complete a team.

Set Up and Play

Decide on a player to be “Official” (banker) who will control the game.

Each player receives $150,000,000 and picks a footballer playing piece.

The official tosses the coin, whichever player the arrow points to starts. If the arrow points between two players, the coin is re-thrown to decide which of the two will start. The players will then continue in a clockwise direction.

kick-offThe player will roll both dice and, starting at the KICK OFF, will move his piece accordingly. If a player rolls a double he can roll again and ignore where he has landed or he can stay and forfeit the extra turn.


If a player lands on any SIGN PLAYER space, generic or specific, the player picks up the card or cards and has the option to buy players up to the number specified, for face value. If however the player chooses not to do so the other players may bid and purchase the cards over face value, the monies going back to the bank and the profit to the selling player.

Buy Stadium

Buy a Stadium Card for $20,000,000.

Buy Club

Buy a Club Card for $10,000,000.

Hire General Manager

Buy a General Manager Card for $10,000,000

Sponsorship Deal

To close a sponsorship deal, pay the agent $10,000,000 and take sponsorship card


Player misses a go

Sending Off

Player misses a go and pays $5,000,000 fine

Sponsor Payout

Of all his sponsorship deals held

Transfer Window

The player must swap his player with one of his rivals but not any belonging to a completed team

General Manager Fired

The player must return a General Manager he owns to the Free Transfer Bin

Sign Player From Any Rival

A player may purchase a player from any rival but not one part of a completed team

Transfer Deal

The player receives $15,000,000

Free Transfer

A player takes all the cards from the Free Transfer Bin.

Loan Complete

The player takes any player card from the board


The player loses his last complete team

Player Injured

Player loses next go and pays $5,000,000

Match Postponed

Player pays $5,000,000.

Completing a Team

As soon as a player has eleven player cards, either DEFENCE or OFFENCE (see list above), and a General Manager – he has completed a team. Any player passing the start position collects the face value of the completed team. In addition, a player can choose to include special team members (see list) together with a club, stadium and a cup to the team. If a player owns a team and has also collected a Super League Champions cup, they will receive an extra 10% on the value of the team. If a player creates a team with 7 or more matching team players, manager, club emblem or stadium, they will also receive an extra 10% on the value of the team. If the chosen team has a Super League Champions cup together with a matching team as above, they will receive 20% on the value of the team.

Once a team has been completed, it cannot be swapped around. It will be placed together for ease of payout calculation every time the player passes the start.

Super League Champions Cup

super-league-championsIf a Player has a Complete Team and lands on a SUPER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS cup space he will be awarded 1 cup. A player can be awarded a maximum of 1 cup per complete team they own, i.e. 3 teams, a maximum of 3 cups.


Players may bid for, buy, sell and exchange assets/players with other players as they please throughout the game.

Cards can be resold to the Bank at half face value should a player need to do so, and the cards placed in the free transfer bin.

The American Football Billionaire Winner!

The player with the most money and assets is The Winner!

All assets are counted upon face value.

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