Football Billionaire New Match Day First Edition


Become the Wealthiest, Most Successful Football Club Owner Ever!

Purchase clubs, buy stadiums, create the perfect team by collecting the best players.

Hire and fire managers, close deals with agents, be ready for the transfer window and swap players with your opposition.

Negotiate sponsorship deals, win trophies and increase the value of your club! You can even increase the original card collection by swapping and adding more trading cards to your game!

Avoid relegation, it’s not easy being at the top!

£29.99 £19.99

Age Range 6 to Adult
Time to Play 1 hour - 1.5 hours
Number of Players 2 - 6
Measurements 371mm x 253mm x 63mm
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Football billionaire is a fast moving high stakes football trading game

The game includes:

1 Gameboard 240 Player/Manager Cards
20 Clubcards 20 Stadium Cards
20 Sponsor Cards Football Billionaire Currency
6 Playing Pieces 6 League Trophies
1 Coin 2 Dice
Collect Your Team and Take Them To The Top